Scholars’ Talk

On Tuesday 11th May, Stonyhurst welcomed (remotely, alas) Dr Sarah Cullinan-Herring, who addressed the College scholars for a lecture via a live Teams call. Dr Cullinan-Herring, who is Hody Fellow in Classics at Wadham College, Oxford, spoke to the scholars about some of her recent work on representations of masculinity in Ancient Greek Literature and Art.

In doing so, she provided an example of an Oxbridge lecture or seminar, showing Stonyhurst’s pupils how close to the cutting edge of academia life as an undergraduate can be. The discussion looked at portrayals of masculinity as embodying physically powerful warrior athletes, as well as subtle depictions of male qualities not conforming to these expectations.

Dr Cullinan-Herring also spoke about Oxbridge admissions and gave some tips on Personal Statement production (think about icebergs), interviews and preparation for application. She generously fielded questions, including a good one from a Rhetorician about the relative absence of female poets in Classical literature.