Stonyhurst vs Ampleforth | Golf

Saturday 15th May 2021


Last Saturday the Stonyhurst Golf Team came out of lockdown with its long awaited first fixture since Summer Term 2019. Despite the numerous downpours the match was played in great spirit and our thanks go to the Ampleforth players who certainly played their part in making the afternoon so enjoyable.


Out of the Stonyhurst team of 6 players, 5 of the pupils were actually playing in their first ever competitive match and they should all be commended on overcoming their first match nerves and competing so well.


  • The 1st Pair of Patricio and Emanuel were very impressive, they went out strong winning the first few holes and never really looked back.
  • The 2nd Pair of Santiago and David played extremely together, sharing the scoring making them a very difficult pair to beat.
  • The 3rd Pair of Enno and Beltran also worked well together eventually winning in the closet of the three matches.


Not wanting to single out an individual in a team event, but special mention should go to Patricio who played with real control in very difficult conditions. Without doubt he laid the foundations for the team victory.


It was an impressive team victory of 3 - 0, and a very enjoyable afternoon of fierce competition and supermanship.


Congratulations to all who took part - Quant Je Puis!


Simon Charles, Director of Sport