Water, water everywhere…

After a very stormy Christmas, the near-constant rain in England resulted in many areas being flooded. This included the area between Worcester and Upton-upon-Severn where Nick Lupton OS 82 lives. He was recently featured in the national news for his ingenious response to the rising waters of the River Severn, to protect his home.

Since 2016, Nick’s house has faced 11 floods. Whilst the previous owners had installed several preventative measures including pumps, it was the defensive wall that Nick built all the way around the property just last year that has finally held back the water and insured that his house has remained dry.

Nick joined Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall in 1972, leaving at the end of Rhetoric in 1982. He studied science (chemistry was his favourite!) and maths for A-Levels. Nick says these subjects “gave me a good grounding for my degree in Mechanical Engineering”.  After university, he spent the majority of his career in the nuclear energy industry, but he admits that when he faced the issue of flooding, he fell back on his engineering skills to help solve it.

We’re pleased to say the flood waters have now receded and Nick is confident that he now has a solution to future flooding, allowing him and his wife, Annie, to stay in his house. We hope that Nick will visit the College soon to provide a talk to all our pupils studying science, especially those considering engineering.