When PP2 visited Lower Prep….

Lower Prep were delighted to welcome PP2 to their Playroom earlier this week, for the first in a series of familiarisation visits in preparation for September.

They enjoyed a mini-guided tour with their ‘buddies’, ticking off new rooms as they went. They took in a visit to the Headmaster’s Study and Mr Gibson’s office and they also enjoyed a peep into the Theatre where, from a distance, they saw Rudiments rehearsing for their show, 'We Will Rock You'.

Other highlights included sampling some of the renowned  tasty rec trolley delights, freshly baked for us by Mr Winckley, rolling down the grassy hill and a play on the play area and swing.

We are very much looking forward to the second visit next week, when we will have transformed our Playroom into a French Café and will be practising our best waiter and waitress services, serving refreshments and speaking French.