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Health & Wellbeing

Minor illnesses and injuries are part and parcel of growing up and, although we hope that your child will not need medical attention while they are with us, we are well prepared for all eventualities.

Our on-site health centre offers 24 hour care, staffed by a team of registered nurses, and many of our boarding and other staff are also fully qualified first-aiders.  If necessary, a trained nurse from our infirmary can be with your child anywhere in the school, within in five minutes.

Our school doctors, Dr Ian Ibbotsen and Dr Susie Owen, hold clinics for boarders in the College Health Centre every Monday and Friday and our physiotherapist holds a clinic every Wednesday.

There are two minor injury drop-in centres close by and we also have a local health centre and dentist in Clitheroe (10 minutes drive) as well as several hospitals within easy reach.

During the night, pupils can either buzz the member of staff on duty or knock on the doors of any of the live-in staff, should your child need them for any reason at all.  If students know they are feeling unwell before bed time, we have a generous number of beds available in the infirmary where they can be monitored around the clock.