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Developing relationships is a natural part of growing up and our PSHE programme and ethos guides our pupils to understand that relationships should always be in the context of mutual respect and demonstrate appropriate behaviour.

We ask pupils to refrain from public displays of affection and remind them that they are expected to behave with the utmost decorum when on the school premises.

Girls’ and boys’ boarding areas are separate and girls and boys are not allowed in each other’s rooms at any age.  Boarding areas are out of bounds for boarders from other playrooms and for day pupils, who are not allowed in the boarding accommodation.  Visitors are not permitted into boarding areas unless accompanied by a member of staff.

At Saint Mary’s Hall and in Lower Line, girls and boys are forbidden to enter each other’s living quarters. In Higher Line, during specified times at weekends, boys are allowed into the Higher Line girls’ sitting room, if invited by the girls.