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Jesuit Mission & Identity

We believe that prayer and worship should be a relevant and significant part of the lives of all our pupils and staff and will


  • foster our pupils’ relationship with God with an age-appropriate programme of Ignatian prayer and worship.
  • provide staff with Jesuit induction, regular spiritual support and ongoing training, including a bienniel staff retreat.
  • work closely with the Diocese and local parishes to encourage day pupils to be involved in the life of the Church.

We seek to excel in preparing our pupils intellectually and spiritually and will:

  • strive to send out pupils able to articulate their Faith clearly in word and deed.
  • develop specific programmes such as our year-group retreats and the Lenten series to engage pupils in ethical issues facing Christians today and provide opportunities to experience a variety of styles of prayer and worship.
  • continue to highlight the works of the Society of Jesus in the British Province so that pupils are aware of how they may build upon their experience at Stonyhurst.
  • strengthen the reflective skills needed truly to live up to the call to be ‘men and women for others’ in the Ignatian tradition.

We will deepen our commitment to care for creation through initiatives to develop lifestyle choices in our staff and pupils which always take account of our impact upon the poorest in our world.  To this end we will

  • continue to promote and live up to the ideals of our Fair Trade status.
  • work with our partners in Zimbabwe and through the Faith That Does Justice group, Arrupe volunteering programme and the St Mary’s Hall Children for Children charity.

By the time they leave Stonyhurst, we aim for all students to have engaged in at least one of the many opportunities designed to help them become men and women for others by

  • encouraging them to take part in activities such as Chirwirangwe in Zimbabwe, the Liverpool Faith School link, Arrupe, Learning to Care, Children for Children and the Stonyhurst Children’s Holiday Week.
  • developing our Higher Line pupils as leaders who pass on the Faith we proclaim by assisting with retreats and assemblies for Lower Line pupils.