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Pastoral Care

Beyond the spiritual element of Stonyhurst, the key to our outstanding pastoral support lies in the fantastic relationship between pupils, staff and parents. In our most recent full Inspection Report, pastoral support was rated as one of our outstanding areas of excellence.

As a boarding community, our teaching staff is heavily involved in pastoral care, with many teachers also holding roles in our boarding houses or as personal tutors.  St Mary’s Hall boarders also have a boarding Gap Tutor who looks after their individual pastoral needs once school has finished for the day, who meets with them in a small group every week and can raise any issues or concerns with senior house staff on your child’s behalf if necessary.

We give students responsibilities and encourage them to become independent, but they always know that there is someone there for them and our students are incredibly supportive of each other.

Stonyhurst really is like a family, in which everyone is devoted to helping pupils feel safe and happy as they develop from children into responsible young adults.