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Tutor System

Our Playroom tutor system ensures that every pupil progresses to the best of their ability in their academic and co-curricular activities.

Tutors support pupils in their academic work and provide a further strand of pastoral care. They congratulate students when they do well, encouraging students to celebrate their own achievements, but are also part of the disciplinary process.

Tutors work in partnership with parents and we encourage you to have regular contact with your son or daughter’s academic tutor and playroom master or housemistress, who will be happy to discuss any concerns.

Up to year six we allocate pupils to a class teacher who is responsible for their general pastoral and academic welfare. From year seven onwards, we assign no more than 8 students from the same Playroom to a personal tutor who will

  • help students to settle into life at Stonyhurst
  • encourage involvement in a wide range of activities
  • challenge students to do their best in all activities
  • assist with GCSE, A Level and university choices
  • assist in the university application process