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Combined Cadet Force

Stonyhurst’s connection to the Combined Cadet Force stretches back more than a century. There are seven platoons, each named after Stonyhurst OS awarded the Victoria Cross and a newly created platoon to accommodate the number of students joining the College in Higher Line, named after the first commanding officer of the Corps.

The CCF is not just for those who plan a career in the Forces, it is a youth organisation sponsored by the Ministry of Defence that helps develop a number of leadership and life enhancing skills.

We enrol students automatically into the CCF in their Grammar year (age 14+).  We supply each pupil with a uniform, which they are expected to keep in good order for inspection each week.

Training includes drill (marching and manoeuvres), learning how to assemble, clean and shoot weapons, and many useful life skills including team work, leadership, tactical planning and discipline.

There’s lots of fun and friendship involved too, so much so that after the annual summer camp which takes place at a military camp, many students opt to continue their CCF activities, taking on increasingly responsible leadership roles as they progress through the school.

What students think about Combined Cadet Force