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Interline Competitions

Stonyhurst has horizontal Playrooms (rather than vertical Houses). The vertical structure at Stonyhurst is the “Line”, which brings together students of all ages in a series of weekly sporting or “special interest” competitions throughout the year.

There are four Lines, each with its own colour

Campion (red) after St Edmund Campion, martyr

St Omers (yellow) after Saint-Omer, the town in France in which the school was founded

Shireburn (green) after the Shireburn family, in whose mansion the College resides

Weld (blue) after Thomas Weld, who donated Stonyhurst to the Society of Jesus

Students remain in the same Line throughout their time at Stonyhurst, joining the same Line as a family member if relevant.

There are approximately 30 different Interline competitions, including the swimming gala, .22 shooting, rugby sevens, football, mathematics challenge, cross country, hockey, netball, rounders, poetry-reading, dance, croquet, chess, cricket, and share-dealing.

The winning Line wins the “1925 Dawson Inter-Line” trophy for the year, has its name inscribed on the victor ludorum oak board in the New Refectory, and celebrates with a special Interline Dinner in early May.