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Spiritual Development

Welcoming children of all religious denominations, our experience is that all students enjoy the spiritual life of our Catholic, Jesuit school, and our culture of acceptance and tolerance.

We teach the importance of spirituality, promote daily prayer, stress the need for gratitude, especially for God’s gifts, and encourage students to empathise with the needs of others.  We also introduce students to forms of spiritual reflection inspired by St Ignatius, founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

We celebrate Mass each week, actively participate in the Sacraments and the Liturgical year, and hold an annual retreat for each playroom (year group), at which students have the opportunity to reflect on their lives, their faith, and their place in the world.

As is the practice of all students in Jesuit schools, our pupils write AMDG, for Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam (For the Greater Glory of God) at the head and LDS, for Laus Deo Semper  (Praise God Always) at the foot of every piece of their work.

In RE, students explore different aspects of Catholicism, as well as other religions, and throughout their school life to learn to see God in all things: our work, our sport, our play, and as much in our disappointments as in our successes.