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Our Jesuit chaplains and lay chaplains, assisted by a chaplaincy team of teachers from across the Stonyhurst community, aim to help every member of the College community to grow in faith and to be ‘men and women for others’.

  • Father Tim Curtis SJ
  • Catherine Chaplain
    Miss Catherine Hanley
    Lay Chaplain

    Joined Stonyhurst 2017

    Miss Hanley now co-ordinates Stonyhurst’s full retreat programme and Ignatian formation for staff, promotes ways of putting faith into action and supports students, staff and parents in spiritual matters.

  • Mr Paul Warrilow
    Lay Chaplain

    Joined Stonyhurst 1983

    Mr Warrilow has been one of our religious studies teachers for more than thirty years and has been Deputy Playroom Master for Syntax Playroom since 1994. He has also held responsiblities as Head of Faith Development (1994-1999), Head of the RS Department (1999-2013), Lower Grammar Playroom Master (1987 – 1994).  In his role as lay chaplain, Mr Warrilow assists Miss Hanley and Father Curtis on a part-time basis.