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Men & Women For Others

The phrase ‘men and women for others’ was first used by Fr Pedro Arrupe, Superior General of the Society of Jesus 1965 to 1983, who emphasised that a Jesuit education was about more than simply teaching children; it was about guiding pupils to put their gifts and talents towards helping others.

Arrupe’s example is manifested our wide range of activities which help our young people to develop empathy for others and to contribute to resolving the problems of the modern world.

  • Arrupe
    Arrupe Programme

    More than 70% of our Sixth formers take part in our Arrupe, working each week in local primary schools, homes for the elderly, charity shops, hospices, special schools and Riding for the Disabled.

  • learning-to-care
    Learning to Care (LTC)

    Learning to Care (or LTC) is a registered charity run by the pupils of Stonyhurst College, who organise an extensive programme of fundraising and charitable giving throughout the year.


  • holiday-week
    Stonyhurst Children’s Holiday Trust (SCHT)

    Stonyhurst students raise funds and organise an annual summer holiday at St Mary’s Hall for disabled children, a challenging and incredibly rewarding week for everyone involved.

  • Faith
    Faith That Does Justice

    This group meets weekly to implement their faith by campaigning for Fairtrade, working on environmental justice, encouraging CAFOD projects and engaging with human rights issues.

  • Chir

    Meaning “we will struggle together”, Chirwirangwe aims to improve the education of the whole person at Stonyhurst and our twinned school, St Peter’s, in the Zimbabwe capital of Harare.

  • faith-school
    The Faith School Link

    School exchanges, joint events and projects enhance Stonyhurst’s link with the Faith Primary School in Liverpool, creating responsibility in our older pupils and other mutual benefits.

  • children-for-children
    Children For children

    A registered charity run by the children of St Mary’s Hall, focusing on issues most important to them and encouraging them to develop practical life skills, guided by our chaplaincy.