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Artist in Residence

Our artist in residence, Cedric Charleuf, is a professional portrait artist who specialises in religious art. He has a studio in the art department and supports pupils, particularly those with an interest in working with oils, with one-to-one tutorials.

  • Specialisms

    Within the disciplines of art and design you will have the opportunity to explore Painting and Drawing, Print, Ceramics, Photography, Textile surface pattern and Construction. We have a wealth of resources to allow you to fully explore your areas of particular interest.

  • Trips and Visits

    Throughout the academic year we will visit both local and city galleries and museums to gain first hand observations of artists work. We will understand about curatorship, scale and presentation alongside our interpretations of the artwork itself.

  • Art History

    We offer an art history enrichment program for students to engage with historical works. It is teacher led and aims to draw on historical fact and creative expression. These popular sessions often generate good discussion and debate as the work is analysed.

  • Talks and Workshops

    We are fortunate to have connections with a wide variety of practising artists who come to deliver talks about their work and offer workshops to our students. The practical workshops allow pupils to explore new methods of approaching Art outside the classroom environment. This is incredibly valuable to pupils, particularly those planning on further study in an art-related degree after their time at Stonyhurst.