Trips & Visits | Posted 08.05.2014

Prep Camp

Thirty seven excited children in Prep (years 3 and 4) learned the art of preparing and packing for a mini expedition and hiked out to the camp site in the Stonyhurst grounds.

Lieutenant Colonel Barber, Sergeant Major Clare and members of the Stonyhurst CCF organised and ran wildly exciting activities such as a cadet assault course, sampling surprisingly tasty army rations, an observation challenge, ‘capture the flag’ and paint ball target shooting in the woods. After a hearty lunch, the children were treated to specialist bush craft training by the one and only Captain Robinson. They learnt how to make fire and to keep themselves healthy and safe in the outdoors.

After being shown how to make a variety of shelters, the children worked solidly in four teams to build an outstanding shelter that was deemed by the judges to be, ‘fit for a Colonel.’ Well done Prep! The changeable weather didn’t dampen spirits but a dreadful forecast persuaded us to take the camping indoors. The children really enjoyed the experience and Grace enjoyed a giant birthday sleepover with enough birthday cake and hot chocolate for all. Apart from being great fun, Prep Camp provides invaluable experience of a night away from home in preparation for longer residential trips further up the school.