Cricket Tour Success in Rome

During a wonderfully successful tour of Rome, staff were repeatedly reminded by so many of those they encountered that the boys were an enormous credit to the College. Stonyhurst won one and lost one match, but that doesn’t tell the full story: in both fixtures the College produced magnificent team efforts in 35-degree heat, with LG boys, Grammar boys and OS all making vital contributions with bat and ball and in the field. Here are the scores of the two matches below.

First match vs. Roma Capannelle Cricket Club (the main cricket club in Rome):

Roma Capannelle 136-4 (20 overs)

Stonyhurst 137-8 (19.3 overs)

Stonyhurst won by 2 wickets with 3 balls to spare


Second match vs. St Peter’s Cricket Club (the Vatican XI):

Stonyhurst 133-4 (20 overs)

St Peter’s 134-2 (14.2 overs)

St Peter’s CC won by 8 wickets


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