20 Years of Full Co-Education



Sisters' Walk

This academic year, Stonyhurst and Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall are celebrating 20 years of full co-education. Although Stonyhurst has been educating female pupils for some 50 years, it was only 20 years ago, in September 1999, that Stonyhurst opened its doors and admitted girls of all ages on the same terms as boys.

This is an important anniversary, therefore to mark this occasion we plan to bring the Stonyhurst family together to join in all things ‘20 Years of Full Co-education’. Why not read more about the past 20 years of full co-education by reading our commemorative brochure - link above. 

One of our projects this year will be the renaming of ‘Sports Hall Walk’ to ‘Sisters’ Walk’, this path runs parallel to ‘Brothers’ Walk, connecting the College and SMH and the renaming will be a lasting reminder of our 20th anniversary of full co-education.

Perhaps our biggest project of the year is the ‘Anniversary Ambassadors’ initiative that has been set up to enhance the links between our female OS and our current pupils. This new and exciting venture began in the summer when we contacted and asked a number of female OS to take on a mentoring role, offering career or university guidance in their respective fields, providing work experience placements and visiting the College to give talks in person or via videoconferencing.   

Over the year, Stonyhurst will be welcoming back alumnae of Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall and Stonyhurst College to speak to our current pupils about their time and experiences here and what they have achieved since leaving the College. To find out more about our ambassadors, visit the 'Ambassadors' section above. 

And to the entire Stonyhurst community: 

 Happy 20th Anniversary of Full Co-education!