The purpose of Stonyhurst Anywhere is to continue the momentum of individualised academic learning and the programme of Ignatian formation while our regular face-to face classes are suspended. Two new innovative programmes are also being delivered. In Syntax pupils are starting preparation courses for the A Level or IB programmes to put them in the best possible position for when schools return. In Rhetoric pupils are now taking bespoke courses to prepare them for their studies at university.

A typical school day witnesses pupils meeting and interacting together at specific times in ‘synchronous’ learning as well as periods of self-directed ‘asynchronous’ learning.

Classes meet synchronously or virtually in ‘real time’, in order to continue the in-class group learning experience, learning at the same time in a virtual class or group learning session with their teacher and peers. This method engages all at a specific date and time as organised by the timetable and individual teachers. It allows for live interaction, instant feedback and clarification. Examples include video conferencing, live chat and live streamed videos.

Our young people experiencing virtual learning are doing so across different time zones. In some cases, pupils learn ‘asynchronously’ or in their own time. In these instances, pupils are still be able to ask questions of their teachers and get real-time responses during the normal hours. Pupils in other time zones can access the clinic lesson comments later. This provides a flexible approach enabling pupils to work at their own pace and allows the system to work for all time zones.

Examples include engaging in a taught lesson via a pre-recorded session, watching a PowerPoint presentation or film and completing a set task based upon its contents, completing ‘studies’ or a piece of project work, feeding back to the teacher or class by email or via Microsoft Teams.

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Lower Grammar (Year 9)

Grammar (Year 10)

Syntax (Year 11)

Poetry (Year 12)

Rhetoric (Year 13)