As many activities continue through Stonyhurst Anywhere, highlights so far include our Model United Nations, Windhover magazine editorial board, and Debating. Pupils are encouraged to take a full part in the co-curricular offering.

Pupils have been introduced to a wide range of opportunities including tours of museums such as the Vatican, London Natural History Museum and the British Museum.

Our Interline competition also continues with a range of challenges from the press-up, sit-up, and squat challenges, through to a DJ challenge, to 'The Great Line Bake Off'. At the end of the year we will announce our winning team as usual.

Stonyhurst Anywhere's 'Quarantine Canteen' by Mrs Callinicos. These short cooking tutorials provide our pupils & members of the Stonyhurst family with fun, easy and delicious cooking ideas! In episode 1 learn all about how to make homemade granola! View more episodes of 'Quarantine Canteen' videos on our YouTube channel here.