Stonyhurst Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

Stonyhurst Safeguarding Policy and Procedures 

Stonyhurst recognises the need to communicate issues and practices relating to Covid-19. In line with advice from our local safeguarding assurance partnership, HM Government and ISC, an addendum has been added to the cross-campus Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy. The addendum provides further detail to that policy to highlight the issues which must be borne in mind during any period that the school operates online. Where we refer to measures to protect pupils who are at home in our addendum, this may include those who are learning at home for reasons to do with coronavirus – for example, due to clinical and/or public health advice, such as if there’s a local lockdown or if they need to self-isolate. 

All Stonyhurst Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedures and associated policies remain in force during this time.  

We will continue to update this addendum where necessary, to reflect any updated guidance from: 

  • Our local safeguarding partners. 
  • The local authority, about children with education, health and care (EHC) plans, the local authority designated officer and children’s social care, reporting mechanisms, referral thresholds and children in need. 

We appreciate that the current situation in respect of COVID-19 will be experienced differently depending on where you and your family are based. Several resources are available on the Stonyhurst school portal to support young people and their families. 

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