Stonyhurst Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

Although there is no additional statutory guidance relating to virtual learning at this present time, Stonyhurst recognises the need to articulate particular issues and practices in light of Covid-19. In line with advice from HM Government and ISC, an addendum has been added to the cross-campus Safeguarding Policy and Procedures, and provides further detail to that policy in order to highlight the particular issues which must be borne in mind during the period that the school operates online.

Stonyhurst’s Safeguarding Policy and Procedures (September 2019) and Stonyhurst’s Acceptable Use/Online Safety Policy (March 2018) remain in force. All adults working at Stonyhurst College continue to have regard for the College Behaviour Policy (September 2019), SMH Behaviour Policy (October 2019) and the campus Health and Safety Arrangements Policy (May 2019).

An addendum has been written in light of HM Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19): safeguarding in schools, colleges and other providers (27th March 2020). The provisions of Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 2019) remain in force.

We will continue to update the addendum where necessary, to reflect any new guidance from our local safeguarding partners. We will also note any new advice from Lancashire about particular pupils with education, health and care (EHC) plans, the LADO and children’s social care, reporting mechanisms, referral thresholds and children in need.

We appreciate that the current situation in respect of COVID-19 will be experienced differently depending on where you and your family are based. The following resources may be of help and equally if you are aware of other useful material we can arrange for these to be shared amongst families via the portal.