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In everything we do at St Mary’s Hall we are fully committed to helping our children and families, and ensure a sense of belonging, despite occasions when the individual child and their teachers may not be together in a physical sense. We believe that the children and the wider school family benefit from the guidance, stability, structure, commonality of purpose and anchorage to a school community from which all derive strong support. The ‘Stonyhurst Anywhere’ virtual learning environment recreates the cohesion provided by the daily shared experience. The reassurance of a shared academic and pastoral routine, including daily contact with teachers, deeply committed to their needs is essential to a child’s learning and personal growth. All being fundamental to the core purpose of education in our Jesuit tradition – the improvement in living and learning.

There are innovative new ways of learning which our pupils have stepped up to adopt, leading the charge in embracing the new and alternative methods.

Ultimately ‘Stonyhurst Anywhere’ is ambitious for the child, whilst uniting the St Mary’s Hall community across the globe.

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