Figures (Year 7) and Rudiments (Year 8)

Pupils at St Mary's Hall remain in the Prep School up until the age of 13 when the majority transfer across the senior school at Stonyhurst College. We firmly believe that by keeping the older two year groups (or playrooms) at St Mary's Hall we allow these children to assume senior positions of responsibility within the Prep School, whilst also at the same time protecting and prolonging their formative years; thereby allowing these year seven and eight pupils to be children and celebrate childhood for longer.

The children are taught online by subject specialists via 'Stonyhurst Anywhere' and move around the curriculum in streamed sets for English, Maths and  Languages. In parallel they are members of mixed ability linear classes of approximately 18 in size in their other subjects. This allows the pupils in the playroom to mix online with the majority of their peers over the course of each working week, allowing boys and girls, day pupils and boarders, UK and non-UK pupils to study alongside one another. Subjects delivered online mirror that of the physical classroom and are English (or EAL), Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Computing, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Drama, Music, PE and Games. In Figures and Rudiments pupils also have the opportunity to study up to three Modern Foreign Languages (French, German and Spanish) via 'Stonyhurst Anywhere' but this can be tailored alongside Learning Support should there be a requirement to study fewer. Pupils who attend Learning Support do so via mini group arrangements thereby affording these children the informality of a smaller, more relaxed environment, where their individual needs can be met.

In addition to the above lessons 'Stonyhurst Anywhere' pupils in Figures and Rudiments also have the opportunity to attend timetabled academic clinics each week for each of their subjects. This gives the children the opportunity to speak to the individual teacher in a small group setting or even on a one-to-one basis should they require additional help and support. In total 'Stonyhurst Anywhere' pupils will study up to three to four hours per day online during live lessons or academic clinics and in addition to this also are issued with additional studies to be working upon independent in between the timetabled online lessons.

Pupils in Figures and Rudiments enjoy the pastoral nurturing of a prep school with the academic rigour of a senior school.


boy and girl in lesson at St Mary's Hall

Early Years, Primary Phase and Key Stage 3

The timetabling and nature of our remote learning, Stonyhurst Anywhere, has been carefully considered and tailored to the developmental requirements of each age group. Already familiar with software including Microsoft Teams, and Tapestry for the Early Years, pupils and their families have enjoyed a smooth transition to accessing learning from home. Early Years pupils spend some time online engaging with their teacher and classmates every day and are set practical challenges away from the screen, designed to support their learning and development across the curriculum. Parents upload photographs to Tapestry to record their progress. Primary Phase and Key Stage Three pupils can access a range of live interactive lessons (at least two per day) as well as pre-recorded lessons and resources and have the facility to upload their own work securely for marking and feedback to enable them to make effective progress. Streaming in core subjects continues, with group sessions and clinics provided for those who require additional support or work better in a small group and extensions tasks are set for stretch and challenge for the most able. The full breadth of the St Mary's Hall curriculum offer including art, drama, music, games, science and languages continues online and teachers ensure that lessons continue to be engaging and creative. Pupils of Key Workers are well supervised and supported in school, accessing Stonyhurst Anywhere lessons online and taking full advantage of the beautiful outdoor environment during ‘recs’ (break times).