The music department is a happy and hard-working place, where musicians of all ages can feel confident to learn and perform to their very best.
The recently refurbished music department has a large classroom, and six practice rooms, including three sound-reducing practice pods. Children from Year 2 onwards have their music lessons here and over 130 individual music lessons are given by our visiting music teachers. The lower-school curriculum is based on the musical elements in the International Primary Curriculum. Years 7 and 8 study music under the headings of Performance, Composition and Listening. All pupils learn percussion, string and keyboard skills and use sequencing software to capture and realise their own musical ideas. 

All pupils sing in class regularly. There are three choirs, each for a different age-group, and also a ‘Parents and Friends’ choir. The choirs rehearse regularly for concerts and Masses. Brass Group, Wind Band, String Group and Recorder Group provide ensemble experiences for our young players. 

There are six concerts a year, a weekly Mass, and end-of-term celebrations including the Carol Service and the Year 8 Leavers’ Mass. The annual Interline Music Competition involves every pupil in the school. The music department helps with the programme of musical productions throughout the year.