Day pupils arrive just after breakfast when our boarders have tidied themselves and their bedrooms and are ready for the school day which starts at 8.20am.


Our school days reflect the richness of the curriculum and wealth of resources available, and can involve children moving to different classrooms and specialist teaching areas throughout the day, which helps to keep the children inspired and engaged! Each day they benefit from exceptional facilities such as subject-specific classrooms, including the newly constructed music department, the science lab and professional standard fully-equipped theatre.

After school pick-up times begin from 3.30pm for our very youngest through to a final point of 7.15pm for our eldest children who remain here for supervised  ‘studies’ (homework). Most day pupils choose to take part in our many after-school activities with their friends, and many stay for tea before their ‘studies’.

For professional parents with an extended working day, it is comforting to know that there is always someone there for your child and a broad range of relevant and exciting activities for children to enjoy after school. Flexi-boarding or occasional boarding are also very popular options, perhaps when family life is a little more hectic than usual, to share a special occasion with their boarding friends or simply as a treat.