St Mary's Hall is famous for sport.  We provide a sporting programme that is completely inclusive for boys and girls across the full age range. We also strive for sporting excellence, with individuals and teams performing to an impressive and elite level.

The underlying aim of the PE and games department is to enable children to develop physical confidence and stamina, whilst also acquiring life skills such as teamwork, communication and resilience.

In the early years, the emphasis is on fundamental movement skills and literacy, gradually building in specific sports skills which prepare the children for playing sport at all levels, from recreational to representative.  

The physical education curriculum exposes children to the concepts of exercise for health, healthy lifestyles and the importance of movement to maintain fitness. It also underpins the games programme, piquing the children's curiosity into how they can influence their own success in sport, through conditioning and training in appropriate ways.  

Swimming and athletics are core activities, but children also take part in tennis, gymnastics, functional sports training and outdoor pursuits as part of their sporting diet from Nursery to the end of Year 8. In games lessons, rugby and cricket are the main sports for the boys, supplemented by football and hockey. The girls play hockey and netball in the winter, with rounders, tennis and cricket for the summer. St Mary's Hall also has a strong competitive tradition in swimming, cross-country and athletics. The tennis programme, based at our new indoor dedicated tennis facility, is another strong, competitive aspect of the school's provision for sport.

We want to give each pupil the chance to find a sporting activity which enthuses and fulfils them. With a broad curriculum and representation at regional and national competitions, St Mary’s Hall really does offer a first-rate programme of sporting opportunities for all its pupils.