Fee support

We understand that not all families can afford to pay our fees in full. Under such circumstances, if we strongly believe that the pupil would thrive at Stonyhurst and would contribute positively to the school community, we will endeavour to make a Stonyhurst education affordable for them.

Stonyhurst considers each request for fee support on its own merit. Bursaries form the major part of fee assistance offered by Stonyhurst. Although not normally awarded before a child is 13, in exceptional circumstances, Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall may be able to give small bursarial assistance, primarily to boarders over the age of 11.

Parents/Guardians will be asked to demonstrate they cannot afford to pay full fees.

Bursaries are intended to help pupils likely to benefit from an education at Stonyhurst and contribute well to the life of the school, but whose parents cannot afford the full fees. They are strictly means tested and our bursary committee carefully considers all applications which fulfil eligibility and criteria for selection requirements.

There are four categories of bursary applicants that we will consider:

  1. Parents whose children attend Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall, the Preparatory school to Stonyhurst College, and are due to enter the College.
  2. Parents of applicants whose children are not currently at Stonyhurst who wish to apply for financial assistance with the support of the Head of their child’s present school.
  3. Parents of Sixth Form applicants for entry who, in the view of their school and of Stonyhurst, would gain from two years at Stonyhurst, contribute well to the life of the school, and need some assistance with the fees.
  4. Parents whose child is already in the College and who have suffered an adverse change in their circumstances.

Criteria for Selection

i. Bursaries are not normally awarded before a child is 13. In very exceptional circumstances, Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall is able to give small Bursarial assistance to pupils over the age of 11.

ii. Bursaries are usually awarded to boarders.

iii. Particular attention in the award of Bursaries will be given to those who have family associations with the School.

iv. Particular attention will also be given to those families who have more than one child whom they wish to educate at Stonyhurst.

v. The overriding criteria are the financial circumstances of the parents, the benefit their son or daughter is likely to receive from an education at Stonyhurst, and the contribution he/she is likely to make to the life of the school. In assessing a Bursary candidate who is applying for entry, school reports are given importance as well as an interview at Stonyhurst. The Bursary Committee is unable to consider any application unless the child has been interviewed by the Headmaster. In the case of an applicant already in the College, academic and general progress is carefully assessed.

Review of Bursaries

In all cases bursaries are awarded on the condition that the bursary holder makes good progress. Bursaries may be withdrawn if the financial circumstances of the family alter. The bursary will be withdrawn if the bursary holder is considered by the Committee not to have maintained the progress required of him/her.

Bursaries are automatically reviewed whenever a pupil is already an award holder, and moves from either Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall (year 8) up to Stonyhurst College into the Lower Grammar year (year 9), or moves up into the Sixth Form (Poetry – year 12).