English as an Additional Language

Years 9 - 11

The EAL Department supports the academic success and pastoral well-being of our international pupils by providing English language tuition for pupils whose first language is not English.  

The department aims to:

  • promote a caring and supportive environment which encourages integration, inclusion and respect for pupils from other cultures and faiths
  • provide pupils with the necessary language skills to access the wider curriculum
  • prepare pupils for the Cambridge ESOL examinations, IELTS, IGCSE ESOL and IB English B
  • help pupils to feel at home within the school community
  • support each individual pupil’s needs by helping them to develop their English language skills in a supportive environment

Stonyhurst College is an inclusive, caring environment, which has a long history of supporting pupils from all over the world. The EAL department offers a comprehensive curriculum delivered by committed and enthusiastic members of staff who have the best interests of their pupils at heart. By choosing Stonyhurst, international parents and pupils can feel confident that their academic and pastoral needs will be met in a professional and supportive environment.