Physical Education


Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11)

The specification followed at GCSE is AQA Physical Education.

Studying PE at Stonyhurst provides pupils with a pathway into many careers whilst being an ideal partner to a breadth of subjects both at GCSE and in Higher Line. In PE, pupils are challenged to tackle topics in diverse areas practically, scientifically and in the arts.

For those pupils choosing to study the AQA GCSE course, there is a mixture of classroom based theory lessons (taught via lectures, group work and tutorials) and practical lessons.

The Physical Education course sets out to ensure that through their involvement in their three chosen practical activities and the theoretical programme of study, candidates acquire confidence, self esteem, respect for themselves and others, along with an understanding of the rules and conventions of their chosen activities.

The programme of study at this level provides candidates with the opportunity to become informed and competent performers, with an awareness of both the benefits of participation and the risks. This course provides opportunities for candidates to improve their overall knowledge and performance in a range of practical activities and to appreciate the necessity for sound understanding of the principles, practices and training which underpin improved performance, better health and well-being.

The course is assessed through two examinations worth 60% of the total GCSE. The remaining 40% through practical performance in physical activity and sport. During their practical performance, students must participate in three different physical activities.

IBCP Sport (sixth form)

IBCP Sport

Pupils opting for the Sports option in the IBCP will follow the OCR Cambridge Technical Diploma in Sport & Physical Activity. This course is equivalent to 2 A Levels and, when combined with two Diploma academic subjects, the IBCP in Sport will let our pupils focus on the requirements that today’s universities and employers demand. IBCP Sports students will practically apply their skills and knowledge in preparation for further study or the workplace. The IBCP Sport, with its combination of continuous assessment, practical tasks and written examinations will support the transferable skills required by universities and employers such as communication, problem solving, time management, research and analytical skills.

We are following the Personal Training pathway within the Cambridge Technical. Compulsory modules include:

  • Body Systems and the Effects of Physical Activity (exam based)
  • Sports Coaching and Activity Leadership (exam based)
  • Sports Organisation and Development
  • Working Safely in Sport, Exercise, Health and Leisure (exam based)
  • Group Exercise to Music
  • Improving Fitness for Sport and Physical Activity
  • Physical Activity for Specific Groups
  • Health and Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise