International applications

Applying to a UK school can feel like a daunting process for children and parents alike. We handle international applications on a daily basis and are here to explain the process and guide you through it, helping to make it as smooth and straightforward as possible.

International Registrar


Stonyhurst prides itself on its global perspective and we welcome applications from international students. Currently, we have students from over 30 nationalities here at Stonyhurst.

Applications are accepted into all year groups other than Rhetoric (year 13). Some of our students will come to us for one year of study, but many, having experienced the value of a Stonyhurst education, choose to stay for longer. Students applying for Syntax (year 11) will join our specific Pre-IB programme which is an intensive one year GCSE course. Students joining other year groups will, broadly, follow the same curriculum as the main student body, although there may be adaptations to cater for, for example, additional English support.

All students applying to Stonyhurst with English as their second language would have a formal interview in English as part of their assessment. This may be as part of a visit, or alternatively via a skype interview with the Director of Admissions. Other than this addition, the main admissions process is the same as for UK based applicants.