The Chaplaincy is at the centre of the school. 

We are proud of our Catholic heritage, pedagogy and tradition.  All pupils are encouraged to participate in the rich and vibrant spiritual life of the school.  We are a predominately Catholic school and world-famous as a centre of excellence in the Jesuit tradition.  We also welcome young people of all Christian traditions, and other faiths, encouraging them to play as full a part as they can in the spiritual life of our school.

Our student body has always been drawn from a global community and this enriches chaplaincy work at Stonyhurst.  Each year pupils go on retreats, travel to Rome and other centres of pilgrimage and historical importance.

Today, we retain strong links with Jesuit schools around the world.  Two thirds of our students are Roman Catholics, one third join us from overseas, and you’ll find Stonyhurst alumni serving others and in leadership roles around the world.