Sport is an essential component of Stonyhurst life, it’s in our DNA, and we encourage every student to discover a sport at Stonyhurst that they can love for life. We believe that participation in sport is an important element of a healthy lifestyle which enhances academic performance and fosters collaboration, concentration, self-confidence and leadership skills. 

All pupils take part in team and individual sports as well as inter-line (house) competitions, where teamwork and determination is nurtured.  We are world-famous for Rugby, producing numerous, county, professional an international level players and coaches.  We also excel at Cricket, Hockey and Netball, amongst other games.  

Representative sport begins in St Mary’s Hall, at Under 9, with local and national fixtures, tournaments and regular sports tours which see girls compete in Hockey, Netball and Rounders, and boys in Rugby and Cricket. Pupils continue sports or ‘Games’ when they move up to the College and take part in tennis, rugby, cricket, hockey and netball, to name but a few.

The beautiful Stonyhurst estate provides a wonderful backdrop to a number of the Stonyhurst facilities including an all-weather pitch; a nine-hole golf course; tennis courts; cricket pitches, rugby fields and an indoor tennis dome. Other facilities are housed in the historical buildings, such as the sports hall or ‘Ambulacrum’, indoor swimming pool and an indoor shooting range.

These facilities allow our pupils to enjoy the wide range of sports on offer, to improve their skills or and provide the opportunities to learn new ones.