Specialist Referrals

A school councillor is available daily on site in college. Appointments can be arranged via phone or email and are accepted as self-referrals or at the request of parents and college staff with the pupil’s consent. A school counsellor is available at St Mary’s Hall weekly. Referral for a pupil under the age of 13 years would be discussed with parents prior to an appointment being made. Referrals to the SMH counselling service are managed through the SMH Safeguarding lead. 

The Health Centre team can organise a range of specialist referrals for Consultants, Child and Adolescent Mental health services, Physiotherapy, Audiology, Speech and Language Therapy, Dietician, Optometric, Orthodontic, Orthotic and Podiatry services, which are all accessed off campus. Some of these services are not included on the NHS and would incur an additional fee, this would be added to a pupil’s school account. Written parental consent would be required prior to any appointments being arranged.  

The school GP’s can make additional referrals to Specialist consultants and Secondary care (Hospital) services following an initial consultation with a pupil. 

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