Career Guidance

The most rewarding thing about working in the Careers Department is definitely when an OS returns to the college a few years later and thanks us for helping them to make good choices during their time at Stonyhurst.  When someone says “You helped me to make my choices and I’m really happy with where I am as a result” - that is really rewarding.

Careers Guidance Coordinator 

The Careers Department is here to help students understand the options available to them at various stages of their academic careers. Their role is to ensure that our sixth form students are armed with the right information to support them in making those choices. The department has a wealth of resources that can be utilised in the careers library and also through u-explore, a bespoke online portal.

The Careers Department organise trips, such as the UCAS exhibition and the Oxbridge Student Conference and arrange speakers, often including OS returning for presentations on their chosen career path. This helps to educate and motivate students and encourages them not to limit their thinking. For example, last year we had a presentation on the solar system and beyond from a parent, previously employed as an aerospace engineer at NASA, so quite literally encouraging them to reach for the stars!

Stonyhurst is an approved SAT Centre for pupils who wish to apply to American universities.  

Careers department