The Pre-IB programme is designed to prepare non-UK students for Stonyhurst’s IB Diploma Programme. It also aims at rapidly integrating non-UK students into the academic, social, spiritual, and co-curricular life of the College.

The Pre-IB curriculum is primarily designed to be tailored to the likely future IB subject choices of each student, with a programme which offers breadth of study across a range of subject areas (languages and literature, humanities, sciences, mathematics, and, possibly, arts). The individual student’s academic interests and university/career ambitions drive the process.

Students starting the Pre-IB year are, in most cases, joining a course of study that normally takes UK students two years. In consequence, Pre-IB students take fewer subjects (with the norm being 6 or 7 instead of 10 or 11).  They also have more lessons per subject in one week, to ensure that they have covered the syllabus before the examinations in May/June. It is important to recognise that the full Pre-IB course is an academically challenging programme, and therefore a small minority of students will need to follow a reduced number of subjects, and instead have a greater degree of English language tuition; this will be negotiated as part of the interview and selection process.

Pre-IB entry requirements

In order to ensure that every student can make the make the most of this exciting and challenging year, we use the following criteria to assess the suitability of potential candidates:

  • Students will normally be 15 years of age on entry to the  College
  • School reports will be considered, including grades awarded in the subjects to be taken for (I)GCSE.
  • Students will normally be interviewed, either as part of a visit to the  College, or via Skype
  • Students will complete an online entrance assessment test, to assess abilities in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, as well as quantitative reasoning.

    Pre-IB Programme Booklet