Sixth form overview

Students receive extensive personalised support with careers advice and their university applications, whether to a British University or overseas. All three of the study routes that are available at Stonyhurst are recognised by universities.

Our experience in teaching the IB Diploma has allowed us to learn from some of its ambitious teaching and learning techniques. We have developed a Learner Profile for all Sixth Form students, along with IB-like assessment exercises, to extend the most valuable features of the IB to our A Level students.

To ensure students can achieve the increased demands of Higher Line study, including more skilled note-taking from directed reading, conducting research and meeting assignment deadlines more independently, our minimum entry requirement is five B grades at GCSE or equivalent. It is higher for sciences, languages and mathematics.

If a student does not achieve the minimum entry grades, we may be able to tailor a more appropriate Higher Line curriculum by agreement. Entry requirements are slightly lower for the more vocational based IBCP. 

Years 12 and 13: (Higher Line)

In Higher Line, pupils can choose from three study routes: