A Typical Day

Stonyhurst is a busy seven day a week boarding school - and as such every pupil will have a full and enriching day.

The overall shape of the week is set out below. Academic lessons are taught as two or three 60 minute lessons before lunch, depending on the day, and three 60 minute lessons after lunch. Each student has four games sessions each week, two in the morning and two on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons when academic lessons finish at lunch time.

At the end of each day's academic study the pupils will carry out an Examen, a prayerful reflection which allows our pupils and staff to reflect on their day and explore the ways in which God is present in their experience.

Evening studies for boarders take place after supper. Day pupils are welcome to stay at College for supper and studies, and many choose to do so in order to make the most of the many opportunities on offer during the evening.

After games for all on Saturday afternoon, activities are arranged each weekend for boarding pupils by their Pastoral Head. These activities are either ‘in-house’ or extended activities outside the College.

The type of activity depends very much on the year group, but we aim to provide a balanced mix of cultural, social and sporting events. We also encourage pupils to put forward their own suggestions for activities.

Shape of the Day