Academic | Posted 09.03.2017

Pupils in Poetry become world leaders for a day!

Crisis simulation Day – Ice and oil geopolitics in the melting artic

On March 6th 2017 Geography and Economics pupils from Poetry took on the role of international leaders for countries such as Russia, USA, Canada and Sweden to come to a diplomatic agreement on the policies each nation should adopt regarding the Arctic, and its resources, as global warming causes the ice to melt.

These crisis simulation days, run by Aberystwyth University, provide insight into the complexities of national and international politics and a greater appreciation of the difficulties faced by decision makers when confronted with an international crisis.   Pupils learnt how to examine a range of policy options and how to build a consensus for their countries position.

William Fildes from Poetry explained

“I felt the day was a great opportunity to bring to life what we have learnt in the classroom when given a real life scenario. The day also helped us to develop our negotiation skills. A big thank you to Aberystwyth University for the opportunity to be world leaders for a day.”

Winning team from left to right were

William Fildes, Isaac Ngan, Kwangu Simeza, Charlotte Bashall & Louisa Johren.