Trips & Visits | Posted 08.05.2014

Scuba Diving Trip

Tom Wroblewski writes…

I was lucky enough to be one of five pupils in LG (year 9) who, accompanied by Miss Lane and Mr Sharples, enjoyed an amazing 5-day diving experience on the island of Lanzarote during half-term.

We stayed in Puerto del Carmen, a tourist town on the South East coast of Lanzarote, and had diving instruction from expert divers at Canary Island Divers Dive Centre. We completed dives of up to 18 metres deep, and each dive was around 40-50 minutes long. We were all really proud to have gained our PADI Open Water Diver Certificates by the end of the trip.

During the dives in crystal clear waters, with visibility of 20 metres, we had the privilege of seeing and getting close to many beautiful sea creatures. These included, amongst a vast number of species: the Ornate Wrasse, which are small brightly coloured fish, bright red and yellow Parrot Fish, Canary Damselfish, Seahorses, Starfish and even an Angel Shark. Thankfully, this species of shark does not attack if left alone, so we treated it with respect and admired it from a safe distance!

As a sport, diving is about being able to appreciate creatures that you would not otherwise get the chance to see face to face. Although you do need to be able to swim, the fins (divers don’t call them flippers!) help you swim over long distances easily. Divers always have a dive buddy and communicate underwater by hand signals. There is quite a lot to learn, but during the winter months we had been practising in the school swimming pool under the instruction of the East Lancs Divers.

It was great to be able to use those skills in the beautiful warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. After each day’s diving, we relaxed by the hotel pool and enjoyed eating at the local restaurants. The trip was an experience we will never forget, and we are hoping to be able to dive abroad again to complete our Advanced Open Water Diver Course. Thank you to Miss Lane and Mr Sharples for organising such a great trip!

Tom Wroblewski