Interline Competitions | Posted 08.05.2014

The Annual Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall Interline Music Competition took place on March 13th in the Centenaries Theatre.

It was adjudicated by Mr Matthew Mostyn, Second Master at Stonyhurst College and keen musician. The audience of pupils, staff, parents and friends enjoyed some excellent and confident performances from all the competitors and Mr Mostyn had a very difficult task in selecting the winners!

The winners of each class:

Junior Piano Solo (Grades 1 – 3) ~ Edward G Xiong mao (Li Yinghai)

Junior String Solo (Grades 1 – 3) ~ Tom B The Witches (Paganini)

Junior Wind Solo (Grades 1 – 3) ~ Olivia Y (Flute) Off she goes (Trad. Irish)

Vocal Solo (Open)~ Etienne M Panis angelicus (Franck)

Percussion Solo (Open) ~ Alex B Old Bones Blues

Senior String Solo (Grades 4+) ~ Adrienne M (Violin) Petit air varie (Charles Dancla)

Senior Wind Solo (Grades 4+) ~ Finnian G (Trumpet) Softly awakes my heart

Senior Piano Solo (Grades 4+) ~ Fabian B Nefalo (Einaudi)

With thanks to the visiting music teachers for preparing their pupils to take part, to Mrs Johnson, SMH Music Teacher and accompanist, Mr Mann, Mrs Allanson, and our adjudicator, Mr Mostyn. Congratulations to all the winners!