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Everyone at St Mary’s Hall is devoted to providing a safe, happy and loving home-from-home and the foundation for your child’s emotional well-being, spiritual development and academic success.

Everyone boards together in the same house, with separate boys and girls galleries for sleeping, separate sitting rooms for relaxing and a joint Playroom and kitchen so pupils can decide how they’d like to spend their social time.

Mr and Mrs Stokes and their son, Arthur live in their flat on the boarding galleries, as do our residential pastoral staff.  Their supportive relationships with boarders are caring and involved but encourage increasing independence, just as you would at home.

Boarders typically live in dormitories with 3-5 peers of a similar age, which allows them to mature, grow in confidence and develop socially at an age-appropriate pace.  Where possible, we place boarders of similar background and interests together in their first term to help them to settle in, before a considered dormitory reshuffle at half term.