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Lead by Residential House Parents, Mr and Mrs Stokes, St Mary’s Hall really is like one big happy family and enjoys one of the best boarding staff to pupil ratios of any UK independent school.

Mr Stokes’ weekly newsletter keeps you up to date with our boarders’ exploits and both Mr and Mrs Stokes will be delighted to discuss your son’s or daughter’s development or any concerns you might have at any time, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Stokes
    Mr Stokes
    Head of Boarding

    Part of our boarding team since 2007, Mr Stokes understands that, while boarding for the first time can be an exciting adventure, it can also be a little daunting. So to help our youngest boarders feel more secure he reserves them dormitories close to the Stoke’s family flat.

  • mrs-stokes
    Mrs Stokes
    “House Mother”

    Mrs Stokes provides an especially caring atmosphere with home comforts which really help our youngest boarders to settle in.  A highlight is her much-loved home-baking, which is highly anticipated for birthdays, high days and just because days!

  • Mr Flanagan
    Residential Assistant House Parent

    Nothing is dull when Mr Flanagan is around to make things happen.  Since 2010 he has helped organise weekend trips and adventures and inspired St Mary’s Hall children to perform on stage.  He loves football, Warhammer and muddy countryside walks.

  • Mr Hughes
    Assistant House Parent

    Mr Hughes has worked in St Mary’s Hall boarding since 2008 and is much sought after for practical help when things can’t be found and for his enthusiastic sharing of rugby tactics.  A former overseas boarder himself, he is brilliant at helping our new overseas pupils to quickly feel at home.

  • Mrs Miller
    Assistant House Parent

    Mrs Miller, who has worked in boarding at St Mary’s Hall since 2003, is famous as a dispenser of hot chocolate, wise advice and warm hugs whenever they are needed.

  • Andrew-Chadwick
    Dr Chadwick
    Duty House Parent

    Dr Chadwick is a firm favourite on his boarding duty nights.  His calm, supportive manner ensures everything runs smoothly and he is always willing to help with a bit of one-to-one support with science homework and revision.

  • Miss Metcalfe
    Residential Duty House Parent

    Miss Metcalfe is an Upper Elements class teacher who joined the boarding team in 2013.  She absolutely loves spending time with the boarders, especially when relaxing and chatting with the girls up on the girls’ gallery.  She also enjoys the weekend trips and getting to know her charges in an informal and fun setting.

  • Mr Cockroft
    Residential Duty House Parent

    Mr Cockroft’s passion for sport is evident and means he is brilliant at organising fun and games.  His genuine enjoyment of the time he spends with the students is matched by their enthusiasm for spending time with him.

  • Miss Collard
    Graduate Gap Year Tutor

    If you think rugby is just for boys, think again! Miss Collard has played rugby at club and University level and enjoys breaking a sweat out on the astro pitch whatever the sport may be. Miss Collard has worked at and attended boarding school before; she understands what is like to be a boarder away from home and is always around to help.

  • Miss Noble
    Gap Year Tutor

    Miss Noble is our language expert and can speak Portuguese, Spanish and French; if children have any difficulties with studies Miss Noble is the linguist to talk to. Along with helping on the sports field Miss Noble is a keen horse rider and enjoys taking the boarders for a swim on Friday evenings.

  • Miss Ewen
    Gap Year Tutor

    Miss Ewen is one of our two German gap tutors; she enjoys  helping with Art and getting stuck into playing football. Miss Ewen is always around to help with the routine and offer support wherever possible.

  • Mr Aretz
    Gap Year Tutor

    Mr Aretz is also a German gap tutor; he is a fantastic singer and guitar player who can be heard filling the gallery with his own acoustic versions of today’s hits. Mr Aretz runs a popular Glee club for those of you with a good voice and also helps out in the drama department.

  • Mr Hesketh
    Gap Year Tutor

    Mr Hesketh is a calm, kind presence on the boys’ gallery.  He enjoys spending time with all the boarders, especially on the astro-turf and does everything he can to help everyone make the most of their time at St Mary’s Hall.

  • Miss Thomas
    Gap Year Tutor

    Miss Thomas is everything you would want in an older sister.  She is always there to help with the little things in life, loves to join in with sport at St Mary’s Hall and is great fun too.  She loves to take part in all the boarders’ activities from watching movies to ice-skating and even paint-balling.