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Between getting ready for bed and lights out, children can chat to family and friends on their mobiles, leaving phones with house-staff overnight for safe-keeping.  Younger boarders have a toy box in their rooms, and there’s a Play Station 3 and family-friendly dvds in the main boarding sitting room for relaxing together.

Weekends are the perfect mix of action packed and relaxing, with plenty of friends of the same age around to have fun with.  Boarders enjoy day trips, which they can suggest themselves through the Boarding Committee, including cinema trips, ice-skating and theme parks.

Our summer Boarders’ Camp is a hugely anticipated highlight of the year and throughout the year we enthusiastically share in the traditions of our pupils’ national festivals and celebrate our children’s birthdays with Mrs Stokes’ home-made chocolate cake

When you visit, you’ll find our boarders confident and happy to express their views and our latest full inspection report confirmed that “St Mary’s Hall is a lively community of young boys and girls noted for their friendliness, concern for each other and high standards of behaviour.