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Did we mention that our pupils are confident and happy to express their opinions?  They’re our best advocates and use our School Council, Boarding Committee or comments and suggestions box freely to let us know when they would like things to change.

Here are just a few of the things they say about St Mary’s Hall.

“Being at SMH is great fun. It is a good community and you do lots of activities” Catherine Yr 6

“I seem to get on with the staff really well.” Ben, Yr 6

“My friends are full of energy… they are cheerful and nice. Staff and students have all helped me.” Somkene, Yr 8

“ Since I have been at SMH, I have learned to be helpful, responsible and respectful of others.” Inigo, Yr 7

“I’ve had a good time in boarding and learnt a lot of new helpful things. I’ve had loads of fun and made new friends. I’ve become a lot more tolerant and independent.” Jonathan, Yr7

“Mr Stokes helped me to understand everything at the beginning of term” Louis, Yr 7