SMH | Posted 21.03.2017

Splash of purple day at Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall

Splash of purple day at Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall

On Tuesday March 14th Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall held a “Splash of Purple” day. The children were invited to bring in £1 to wear home clothes which included something purple. This is the colour of Lent; it recalls the sorrow of Christ’s suffering and his kingship in the Resurrection at Easter

At the beginning of Lent, in a wonderful assembly from Upper Prep, we learned how Cafod is helping the poorest to help themselves, through the “Big Fish” project.

Florence lost her husband, she struggled to support her family. She was hired to work on land and barely had enough to feed herself and her children. She was given 500 little fish the size of your thumb as well as the tools and training to build ponds and farm them. In a few months, she turned these tiddlers into school books and clothes for her children.

This is the beauty of long-term aid that you help to make happen: it gives people the dignity to give their children and their children’s children a future. (Cafod)