Please see below the Sports Finishing Times for Wednesday 13th September:



Pick Up Time

Rugby Seniors S.Charles 4.30pm
Rugby U16 Syntax M.Evans 4.30pm
Rugby U15A A.Loney 6.30pm
Rugby U15B J.Longson 4.30pm
Rugby U14A G.Thomas 6.30pm
Rugby U14B S.Owen 4.30pm
Football Seniors B.O’Connor
Multi Gym F.Ashman 4.00pm
Cross Country P.Wilmore 4.30pm
Range Shooting R.Clare 4.00pm
Badminton S.Haworth 3.30pm
Swimming C.Riley 3.45pm
Hockey Seniors J.Pye 5.00pm
Hockey U15 Y.Luker
Hockey U14 N.Harkness
Netball Seniors E.Kay 3.15pm
Netball U15 A.Stevens 4.30pm
Netball U14 L.Gentle 4.30pm
Outdoor Pursuits M.Heaven 5.00pm
Voluntary Service M.Turner
Thai Boxing E.Winstanley 3.15pm
Fitness Suite Girls K.McDonald 3.15pm
Video Pop A.Morrison 3.15pm
Horse Riding D.Clayton

Would parents and carers please note that every effort is made to ensure this information is correct, but it may be subject to short notice alteration.