Wellness Platform

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We launched the Stonyhurst Wellbeing Platform to support all pupils through the pandemic. This exciting initiative allowed Stonyhurst teachers to remotely monitor pupil wellbeing during lockdown and provided pupils with the skills to look after their mental and physical health whilst at home.

The innovative platform allowed pupils to regularly set their mood, enabling staff members to initiate conversations with pupils who required support.

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What were the main features of the platform?

Tutors and pupils were able to use the 'goal setting' function as part of tutor time, assisting with school reports and pupil progress. Another great benefit was being able to distribute PSHE materials and followed up on particular projects, with immediate response times.

Stonyhurst staff possessed full control over the content and had the ability to decide which resources and activities were available to each pupil and year group, ensuring a balanced curriculum throughout. Co-curricular activities also featured on the new platform including the latest 'Wellbeing Workout' which suggested a range of activities for pupils to try during half-term. You can learn more about the 'Wellbeing Workout' by clicking the drop-down tabs below.

Emotional wellbeing and positive coping strategies from the HOPs and Tutor resources, including a mindfulness workbook with various activities, were also available on the platform.

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