Food and Nutrition

The area in which Stonyhurst is situated is famous for its extensive choice of high quality culinary restaurants, and this continues at Stonyhurst. We are proud of the nutritious and flavoursome meals our Catering Team provide our pupils, 7 days a week. Meal times are enjoyed in the St Mary's Hall Refectory, where pupils can choose from a wide variety of food, most of which is sourced locally.

Healthy lifestyle

Stonyhurst pupils are extremely active, and feeding their bodies, as well as their minds, is a key part of daily life here. Our skilled Catering Team has specialist knowledge regarding unique food requirements and dietary needs. They are able to provide and respect all special dietary and religious-based food requirements. The team works closely with parents and pastoral staff to ensure all boys and girls are catered for and are provided with a well-balanced meal, three times a day. All children are can enjoy snacks and an unlimited amount of juice or water at both the mid-morning and mid-afternoon break times. These snacks include freshly baked biscuits, flapjack or cakes alongside the option of a selection of freshly cut fruit.

A time to socialise

Both pupils and staff are encouraged to dine together in the main dining room with an emphasis on good table manners and friendly conversation. Our chefs aim to host two international or themed days which allow us to celebrate cultures and occasions throughout the year. These days include: Chinese, Italian, American, Mexican, Book Club Day, VE Day, Saints Days. We also host our famous 'Chip Shop' days where we create tasty portions of fish, chips and sausages which have been mistaken for the real dea! These special days allow the chefs to recreate specific dishes, as well as dressing up the servery and dining room.


Confidence with food

The focus on mealtimes is that it should be an enjoyable occasion, so everyone has a positive relationship with food. Children are encouraged to try new dishes which they may never have eaten before, as well as enjoying their favourites. Stonyhurst St Mary's Hall has a school food committee of pupils who meet on a regular basis throughout each term. The committee contains representatives from each year group and all food suggestions are discussed with the Catering Manager regarding likes and dislikes, snack choices or even additional food items to be added to the menu.



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A study of menus and a check of what is on offer indicated that the meals are of high quality. There is a wide choice of healthy dishes available, including a plentiful supply of fruit. Food is nutritious, well cooked and attractively presented. Special dietary needs are catered for. At all mealtimes, the boarders were seen to be enjoying the food.

ISI Report 2016

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