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To keep you up to date with our activities, we send members of the Association a regular newsletter.  You can download the latest ones below.  If you need a copy of a particular issue, please contact the Association Office and we’ll do our best to locate it for you.

Annual Report and Accounts 2016

The annual report and accounts, including the agenda for the Stonyhurst Association AGM to be held at Stonyhurst, on Friday 26th May 2017 at 4.30pm is now available to download in accordance with the rules.

Annual Report and Accounts 2016

Annual Report and Accounts 2015

The annual report and accounts, including the agenda for the Stonyhurst Association AGM to be held at Stonyhurst, on Friday 27th May at 4.30pm is now available to download in accordance with the rules.

Annual Report and Accounts 2015


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Send us your announcements and we’ll publish them here so that we can all celebrate your good news, and remember you and your loved ones in prayer.


We welcome the latest additions to the Stonyhurst family.

To Caroline (nee Ashton) OS 1998-2005 and Guillaume
Launay a son, Arthur Launay, on 24th August 2015.

To David OS 1994 – 1999 and Carys Green a son, Fintan Ioan
Comerford on 8th June 2015.

To Simon OS 1988 – 1996 and Ita Humphreys a son, Thomas
Stanley Edward born on 23rd October 2015.

To Edmund OS 1999 – 2004 and Mildred Page a son,
Christopher Jawar Page born on 12th January 2016 in Nairobi.
Jawar is an African name meaning saviour, lover of peace.

To Hamish OS 1999 – 2004 and Vanessa Reid a daughter,
Florence Maria Alanna Russell Reid, on the 28th of December, a
sister for Clementine.

We congratulate our OS as they enter into married life.

Magdalena Vorreiter OS 03 and Jonathan Bletcher OS 01 were got married on 11th July in Dreikirchen, Italy. OS in attendance were, Rory Malone  2001, Helen Starkie Camejo (nėe Starkie) 2001, Lauren Jackson  2005, Liam Aye Maung 2001 (Best Man), Nick Moore  2001, Lisa Vorreiter 2006 (Maid of Honour), James d’Aquino  2001, Dominic Wright 2001, Anthony Wright 1956, Amalaswintha Wolfsdorf  2002, Hilary Wright (nėe Byrne) 2001.

Kalil Kseib  OS 2001 and Kymberly Wolfson were married in Atlantic Beach, Florida on September 5th 2015,  attended by a number of O.S. including Anthony Kseib (brother) O.S. 1999, Toby Clements O.S. 1999, Matthew Fegan O.S. 2001, James Maitland O.S. 2001, Liam Aye Maung O.S. 2001 and Oliver Spratt O.S. 2002.

Isobel Holt OS 2003 –  2005 married Harry Pickering on Saturday 18 July 2015 at St Peter’s Church Lynchmere in West Sussex. Numerous Stonyhurst families and friends were present including Susie Hanratty, Iuno Connolly, Francesca Millar, James Clark, John Ashworth, Flan O’Mahony, Michael Mellows, Ben Gogarty, Ryan Stokes and Frankie Spencer ( All OS 2005 ).  Also present were James Hanratty ( OS 1965 ) Kerran Coffey, Fergus O’Mahony, Mark Brenninkmeyer ( All OS 1972) and Christopher Page ( OS 1976 ).

Mark Griffiths OS 98 – 03 was married on the 23rd May 2015 to Eleanor Hudson at the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Horsell, Woking.

Greg O’Connor OS 05 – 10 and Lucia Rackham were married at St Peter’s, Stonyhurst on15th August, 2016. He says:

…we had an amazing day, the weather was really celebrating with us and the school has never looked better. St. Peter’s looked absolutely beautiful with all the renovations and it was a beautiful Mass. OS  present included Phillip Alton, Pawel Rzemieniecki, Simon Whittle, Simon Andrews, Matthew O’Connor and  Emelia O’Connor as well as some members of staff, Benedict O’Connor, Staz Callinicos , Catherine Robinson and Michael Turner.

Ben Smith OS 1990-2001 married Amy Laura Sparks on 22 August, 2015, at St Peters Church.

In Memoriam
News of the deaths of the following OS and Associate members have been received recently.  May they rest in peace.

Anthony Turner                                                         Former Staff and Parent

Richard Roberto Tozzi- Condovi                                 OS 63 – 65

Christopher John Geoffrey Hackforth                     OS 43 – 52

David Barry Lyons                                                     Associate Member

Michael Leicester Hussey                                            OS 30 – 30

Duncan Francis Watson                                              OS 41 – 48

Ian Thomas Watson                                                   OS 50 – 60

Joseph Beltrami                                                         Former Parent

Louis Francis Edwin Fitzpatrick-Robertson             OS 48 – 54

Patricia Caldwell                                                         Former Parent

Philip Lawler Rushton                                                  OS 37 – 40

Raymond Eaves                                                          OS 35 – 42

Stephen Matthew May                                                 OS 88 – 90

Simon Sedgwick-Jell                                                    OS 60 – 67

Terence Arthur Cave                                                    OS 37 – 41

Richard Paul Lawrence Carton                                   OS 32 – 37

Michael Edward Nicholson                                          OS 68 – 72

Christopher Robert Anthony Moran                           OS 52 – 61

John Neil Anthony Reid                                                OS 52 – 57

Derek David Slater                                                    OS 44 – 47

Peter Leonard Knight                                                   OS 52 – 59

Anthony Francis Jackson                                               OS 33 – 39

Theodore Kenneth Belton                                             OS 33 – 40

Lawrence Iain Dunsmore                                              OS 63 – 71

Gerardius Marinus Frickel                                             OS 48 – 55

Wilfrid Joseph Weld                                                      OS 42 – 51

John Laurence O’Morain Mercer                                 OS 41 – 50

John Gilbert Maher-Loughnan                                   OS 55 – 63

William Hillman Tweddell                                         OS 44 – 49

Louis Michael Meldon                                                 OS 34 – 39

Patrick Henry Aidan Garry                                           OS 40 – 47

John Charles Oswald Rooke Hopkinson                   OS 46 – 49

Anthony Joseph Dwyer                                                OS 67 – 70

Michael Ventham                                                        Associate Member

Patrick David Martin Jeffery                                        OS 81 – 88

Fr Peter Gabriel Britt-Compton SJ                             OS 31 – 36

Judith Ann Ford                                                          Former Parent

Julian Stephen Frere Bidwell                                        OS 51 – 55

Sheila Chitnis                                                              Former Parent

Michael Christopher Gorman                                       OS 39 – 49

John Thornton                                                           OS 43 – 51

Simon Peter William Awde                                           OS 54 – 61

John Charles Gillott                                                     Associate Member

Simon John Ward                                                        OS 57 – 62

Anthony Garry Bird                                                       OS 39 – 42

Stephen Palmer                                                            OS 61 – 67

Charles Philip Knevitt                                                   OS 63 – 71

Wendy Sheil                                                                Former Parent

William Warwick Ludlow                                             OS 47 – 56