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In these difficult financial times, we are anxious to maintain our annual Pilgrimage.  Until recently, a legacy, which our benefactor wanted us to spend, rather than invest, kept our cash-flow positive, but we now face a substantial deficit.

Our three sources of income are under stress:  income from investments, about 45% of our total, has been hit by the credit crisis; annual donations, about 25% of our income, are increasingly difficult to raise; and standing orders, at just 30% of our income, are significantly lower than those of similar trusts.

Please help to secure the future of our annual pilgrimage with a one-off or regular donation, large or small.  10 new standing orders of just £20 a month each (plus Gift Aid), would add £3,000 to our annual income.  A tremendous boost!

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Stonyhurst Pilgrimage Trust Charity Number 254388